L'histoire de psyché

The story of psyche

After many months of work behind the scenes, we are pleased to announce the birth of psyché!

psyché will be the merger of two neighboring stores, Lokal and BIOCAM, which share the same values: the desire to promote local brands with a long-term commitment to natural cosmetics for Biocam, and to sustainable fashion for Lokal.

We We have encounter has there Street of the Spurs , Camille founder of BIOCAL And Will have founder of LOKAL .

Since then, we have been around each other on a daily basis, we support each other and we build a great friendship as well as a common entrepreneurial vision.

What do we find at psyché?

You will find the same brands as at Biocam, with new ones joining us to expand the range! Body, face and hair care, makeup, perfumes, accessories, raw materials.

20 fashion designers based in Belgium.
Noble and sustainable raw materials such as linen, silk and cotton, as well as recycled materials.
Clothing, leather goods, jewelry, accessories.

You can participate in DIY workshops to learn how to make your own cosmetics or how to make your own leather handbag, or make an appointment with one of our partners (facial yoga teacher, colorimetry expert, image consultant ) during a wellness evening at the boutique.
We will regularly offer evenings to allow you to meet the designers, who will present their latest collections and their line-up.
Conferences will also be organized to invite inspiring personalities from the world of well-being to share their expertise and experience.
We look forward to seeing this project come to fruition and welcoming you to this new space.
We will contact you soon to let you know what happens next!

I'm sure you can't wait to know the location and date of the opening of the psyche boutique.
We will keep you informed in the next newsletter ;)

See you soon,
Aura & Camille
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