Tired of washing your hair every day or every 2 days? Have you already bought a multitude of shampoos for oily hair but you don't see any results? Are you unable to space out your shampoos despite your efforts?

I will give you in this article 5 quick and easy tips to implement . Placed end to end, they can help regulate the sebum in your scalp and restore healthy hair. These tips, you will see, rely on common sense and natural ingredients. No need to invest in numerous products and break the bank, we promise!

But first, let's take a look at the reasons why our hair tends to get greasy quickly.


Sebum is a fatty substance produced by the sebaceous glands to nourish and protect the hair fiber. It is therefore essential to the good health of our hair.

As with facial skin, genetics can give us hair that tends to be oily, which therefore naturally produces more sebum than average.

Other factors can come into play and disrupt this sebum production:

- Too frequent shampooing : and yes, it's often a vicious circle... The more regularly we wash our hair, the more we activate the sebaceous glands.

- Aggressive shampoos: conventional shampoos are filled with substances that are aggressive to the scalp, including the famous sodium laureth sulfate Or sodium lauryl sulfate . To protect themselves from these ingredients which tend to “strip” the scalp, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum. Therefore, prefer natural shampoos with gentle surfactants* such as coco-glucoside where the lauryl glucoside .

- Our way of life also has an influence on sebum production: a diet too rich in poor quality fats and sugars or even stress.

*Surfactants are a family of ingredients that have the function of washing and foaming. We therefore find them in detergents, shampoos, shower gels, cleansing milks... There are a multitude of surfactants, from the most aggressive and polluting, to the most natural and gentle.


    Space out your shampoos - tip #1

    This first tip may seem a little silly but it's the basics! Our hair is in contact with our pillowcase for many hours. Dirt, oil and perspiration tend to accumulate there.

    It is therefore simply common sense to recommend change your pillowcase every week . You can also simply turn it over to enjoy the clean side!

    Another tip to complete this point: I advise you to tie your hair loosely during the night , in a braid or a high bun for example, to prevent it from rubbing too much on the fabric during the night and becoming damaged.

    It is best to use a pillowcase or silk or satin , these materials being particularly soft and respectful for the hair fiber.
    Don't you have any at home? Wrap your hair in a silk scarf for the night, it will do the trick perfectly!


    If you want to "save" a day before your next shampoo or simply if you don't have time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is the ideal solution.

    Conventional dry shampoos are a disaster for the hair and the environment: they are packaged in aerosol sprays and are composed of many irritating and polluting ingredients.

    To save the day on busy mornings and postpone your shampoo for a day, I advise you orange powder .

    If you have light hair, you can use orange powder alone.
    If you have darker hair, mix it with cocoa powder to match your hair color.

    Space out your shampoos - tip #2

    The method :

    Apply a little powder to the roots of the hair using a large makeup brush. Proceed by making stripes all over the skull. Then wait 5 to 10 minutes before gently rubbing your hair with a towel or brushing it to remove excess powder.

    The orange powder will have absorbed the sebum and your hair will have regained shine and volume !




    Space out your shampoos - Tip #3

    This method makes it possible to deeply cleanse the scalp .

    This technique is even more appreciated if you use natural shampoos with mild surfactants. These are more respectful of the planet and your scalp but they often lather a little less, making shampoo application a little more complicated. Warning: a lot of foam does not equate to effectiveness!

    With this double shampoo technique, find the happiness of abundant foam in the shower!

    The method :

    Take a small amount of shampoo, spread it between your palms and then rub the scalp. Then rinse and repeat this step. Surprise: it foams a lot! Then perform a scalp massage with the pads of your fingers to cleanse the scalp and activate circulation. Well-being guaranteed!

    Little extra tip : it is not necessary to shampoo your lengths. When rinsing, the product will pass over your lengths and this is enough to clean them.


      Space out your shampoos - tip n°4

      Brushing your hair regularly helps distribute excess sebum from roots to ends . These being often drier, they are once again nourished and protected.

      Brush gently and with a clean brush . Well yes... we will apply the same logic as for the first tip.

      Don't hesitate to clean your brush regularly to avoid adding grease and dirt every time you brush your hair. To do this, immediately remove the hair accumulated in the brush after each brushing. And once a month, run your brush through the shampoo box!

      Be careful, this tip is not valid for curly and frizzy hair! You might end up with frothy hair. For you, only brush your hair before shampooing to spare your curls.


        Green clay is a purifying and cleansing powder . You probably know about green clay facial masks. I suggest you also make some for your scalp to regulate sebum production and cleanse the roots .

        Space out your shampoos - Tip #5

        Recipe :

        Place 3 tablespoons of green clay in a bowl. Add lukewarm water little by little, until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Then add 5 drops of essential oil(s).

        Choose from these essential oils (you can even combine several as long as you don't exceed a total of 5 drops):

        -Tea Tree
        - Lavender
        - Lemon
        - Rosemary with cineole
        - Grapefruit
        - Atlas cedar

        Apply the mask only to the scalp by separating your hair into sections to apply it evenly all over your scalp. Leave it on for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then shampoo.

        This mask is to be made 1x/month , no more, at the risk of completely drying out the scalp.

        .................................................. .................................................. .................................................

        There you go, I've given you all my tips. You see, nothing too complicated or expensive to implement these tips. Just a little patience and perseverance. In any case, I hope that these tips can help you space out your shampoo and save you from daily washing.

        Your turn now !

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