Why Psyche?

Because we love the beauty of this name
short and lighting, soft and homey
with its stress that gives it a charming personality.

Because it takes us to a character in the Greek mythology,
whose beauty cost her to fall in love with a mortal,
and their union grew winds on her.

Because it means the soul and the unconscious
as we believe the beauty is inside first
and can be cultivated at any time of day.

Because it draws a mirror
this beauty standing object that you can
led down, in front of which you can get ready every morning.

And if you are asking yourself how to pronounce it
we invite you to make it your own
like a prêt à porter piece…

Our story

Aura and Camille are the founders of Psyché. They met when their former boutiques were next door to each other. Aura founded LOKAL in July 2020, a sustainable and ethical fashion concept store. Three months later, Camille set up store on the same street with her natural cosmetics boutique, BIOCAM.

Over the past 3 years, they have developed a relationship based on mutual help, listening and support. The desire to create a project together and found Psyché came naturally.

Aura and Camille offer more than just a place for advice and sales. What they have in common is a desire to create a place where customers and designers, professionals and enthusiasts, can meet and inspire a lifestyle in harmony with your image and values.

  • Proximité :

    We like to know who's behind the creation of our clothes and skincare products. We work exclusively with Belgian brands and designers based in Belgium. We create a close relationship with each fashion designer and cosmetics creator.

  • Natural :

    Psyché invites you to rethink the way you select your clothes and skincare products by favoring minimalist lines for your outfits and natural ingredients for your cosmetics.

  • Sustainability :

    Psyché invites you to rethink the way you select your clothes and skincare products by favoring minimalist lines for your outfits and natural ingredients for your cosmetics.

  • Transparency:

    We trust each of our partners and know their manufacturing processes. We're proud of what goes on behind the scenes, and we're committed to being spokespeople for our designers' expertise.

  • Sharing :

    More than a boutique, we want to create a space where you'll find the right advice to find the routine and outfits that suit you best.

    We take pleasure in guiding and accompanying you in the search for harmony between your personality and your second skin.

  • Qualité :

    Good quality guarantees the best results for your skin and the longevity of your fashion pieces. We have selected brands that carefully choose their ingredients and raw materials to bring you the very best.

  • Camille

    I'm your natural cosmetics expert.
    My priority is to give you the best possible advice. It's essential that you leave with the product that suits you best, the one that will give you both care and pleasure.

    I trained as an art historian and completed my studies with a master's degree in exhibition design. Life's encounters and opportunities offered me the chance to launch myself as an entrepreneur in the field of natural cosmetics, which until then had only been a passion. I then began training in cosmetic aromatherapy.

    After a year's experience in a covered market in Ittre, I took the plunge and opened my own BIOCAM boutique in the center of Brussels in 2020, bringing together over 20 Belgian natural cosmetics brands. These are the brands you can find today at psyché.

  • Will have

    Searching for clothes has always been exciting for me, learning to find an outfit every morning that makes me feel comfortable and represents me is the creative moment of every day.

    Three years ago, I decided to embark on a career path that excited me. It was something very spontaneous, like when you become aware of your own lifestyle and want to share it with others.

    My role at psyché is to help you discover a selection of clothing, jewelry and accessory designers who produce sustainably and fairly.

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